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Our Full Service Hair Salon here in Ducan, SC offers Hair Cuts, Color & Styling Services for Men, Women and Children. 

We offer a wide range of Beauty and Wellness Services such as Facials,  Hair Removal with Waxing including Bikini Waxes.

Come experience immediate Pain Relief with our Cryotherapy Chamber or Infrared Sauna or opt for a relaxing Massage. 

Hair Studios Plus


Our new Wellness & Aesthetics Salon located here in Duncan, SC is committed to bringing you Services to pamper YOU and help YOU to LOOK and FEEL YOUR VERY BEST! 

Whether you are looking to come in for a Relaxing Facial, Body Waxing or looking to get rid of Fat and Wrinkles…we’ve got you covered with our experienced staff of professionals.  We also offer the MOST affordable Chiropractic Care in the Spartanburg and Greenville area for patients with no insurance and needing pain relief.  We have Chiropractic Adjustment Packages for as low as $12.50 per visit.  Click here for more info

We also offer Whole Body Cryotherapy and Infrared Sauna Services to help Detox,  Boost your Metabolism, Reduce Inflammation in the body, alleviate Stress and and helps with Skin Conditions as well.  You will be amazed by all of our great services we offer!

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At Hair Studios Plus located in Duncan, SC we understand the hectic busy lifestyles we are all subjected to these days.  We have created a Down to Earth Hair Salon where Beauty, Health and Wellness are our main focus.  A place where Women, Men and Children can feel comfortable coming to.

We offer a multitude of Services to help you Detox, Heal, Lose Weight and look your very BEST!  

Hair Studios Plus

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Hair Services are avaiable by Appointment ONLY.  Please book online by clicking the Schedule Appointment Now or Call our Master Stylist, Sophia, if you have any specific questions.  
She may be reached at (843) 729-1560

Facials are necessary for good skin.  See for yourself how great a Relaxing Facial with Massage makes your skin look and feel.

Alleviate Pain and inflammation with just a short 2 to  3 minute cryotherapy session.  Increased Energy Levels, Libido and so many more beneftis. 

Come experience our 3 in 1 full spectrum Infrared Sauna to  Detoxify, Build up the Immunity System,  Stress Relief and so much more.

Our T-Shock Cryotherapy procedure kills Fat Cells, Cellulite, Tightens and Tones Skin.  It is non-invasive and pain free.  You will see amazing results!



I've had numerous back surgeries and have screws and sorts in my back. Was skeptical about the Cryo Chamber but a believer NOW!

Andy Customer Cryotherapy

Andy from Moore, SC


I go to Dr. Clay for back adjustments a couple of times a week. He is an amazing Chiropractor and makes me feel better each time.

Beth from Woodruff, SC


I am so glad I found Kayla & my new hair salon. She does my hair exactly how I like it and everyone is so nice there.


Lynn from Moore, SC

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2096 E. Main St., Duncan, SC 29334

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We’ll be happy to accommodate your wishes. If you need further information, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

Our Hair Salon runs on different hours than some of our other services so be sure to check the service times on the service page that you are interested in.  Or simply book online by clicking down below. 

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