Loyalty Rewards Program

HSP Rewards

We are extremely grateful to have your business and believe in rewarding our valued clients!  That’s why we created the HSP Rewards program to reward YOU: our most loyal clients. You will earn points for each service you enjoy and each product you purchase. We all thank you very much for you business!
We love our Clients

Earning Rewards Points
Here’s how you earn points:

Spend $1 at Hair Studios Plus on services – 
Earn 1 Point
Spend $1 at Hair Studios Plus on retail products – Earn 2 Points
Refer a friend who has never visited Hair Studios Plus before – Earn 500 Points
Points for booking your Appointments Online – Earn 100 Points
Purchasing a Monthly WB Cryo Membership – Earn 500 Points
Purchasing any Packages with the exception of Chiropractic Packages – Earn 2x Sales Price in Points

1 point is equal to .01 cents in value.  Our system automatically tracks the points you’ve earned and will always be displayed on your receipt and in your online booking account.  In addition, feel free to ask the Front Desk or Call (864) 610-5700.

Redeeming Rewards Points
HSP Rewards points can be used towards the purchase of Services and Retail Products with the exception of some services listed below in the Fine Print.  When you are ready to check out of your appointment at the salon, just let your Service Provider or the Front Desk know that you would like to spend your rewards points and they will credit the transaction for the appropriate point value.

Enrolling in the Rewards Program
You are automatically enrolled in our HSP Rewards program from the first time you make a purchase at Hair Studios Plus starting 9/10/2020. 

The Fine Print
Here are the details of how the HSP Rewards Program works:
*Points accumulated are good towards any services or Hair Care Retail Products, Hair Care Services, Cryotherapy Services and Infrared Services (with the exception of Jewelry, Supplements, Aesthetic & Waxing by Ashleigh Services or Dr. Taylor’s Chiropractic Services).
*Rewards points expire two years from the day that they were issued.
*HSP points may not be redeemed for cash.
*HSP points are non-transferrable.
*May not be valid with some special offers, sale items or special purchases.
*We reserve the right to terminate or modify the program at any time.
*You may not earn points on purchases or services made using third party gift certificates or tender.


Cryotherapy Referral Program

There is no better advertisement than word of mouth and we want to reward you for spreading the WORD!  For every 5 Clients you refer for a T-Shock service, we will give you 1 FREE T-shock service of your choice.  Good for only 1 area and Referrals must have already come in and paid for their appointments before you are eligible.  Please make sure your referral has us mark your name in the system for you to get credit.